Introducing Jabbot - A JabbR Robot

Jabbot is a JabbR robot, inspired by Github's Hubot and David Fowler's own Jabbot.

I set out to improve upon Fowler's project. In the process, I also ported over my favorite Hubot scripts. Once I was satisfied with my progress, I submitted Jabbot to AppHarbor's Community Application Program and was quickly accepted. Jabbot is currently being hosted for free by AppHarbor at

Jabbot is currently on Just invite him to your room using the fowolling command: /msg join room ourkickassroom. Once joined, Jabbot listens for commands, like: calc 2+2 or weather in Atlanta. Jabbot not only makes your life easier, but also makes you laugh. (Try using the word carlton in conversation.) Learn more about Jabbot and his capabilites at

Running your own JabbR instance? Don't worry, Jabbot will work with any JabbR installation. Learn how to host your own Jabbot instance at Github.

Jabbot is open source and on Github ( Jabbot has also been accepted into AppHarbor's Community Application Program and is hosted for free on their excellent platform.

Questions or Comments? @rbwesmoreland on twitter or on

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