Hello Typeset

Since I said goodbye to Posterous, I have been in search of a new blog engine. I really liked Jekyll, but I decided to build my own blog engine, Typeset.


Typeset is a lightweight blog engine. It is open source and licensed under the MIT license.


  • Write in markdown and textile
  • Style in Css, LESS, and Sass
  • Script in JavaScript and CoffeeScript
  • Automatic compilation, bundling, and minification of all styles and scripts
  • Automatic atom feed generation
  • REST API for your posts
  • HTML5 Layout
  • No database

Getting Started

Typeset is easy to use. Our wiki has detailed guides to get you started. You can also checkout our sample Typeset site to get you started.

Example Post

Write your posts in markdown or textile. You have complete control over your post's title, publish date, and permalinks.

title: Hello World date: 2012-06-19 16:46:51 -04:00 permalink:

- posts/hello-world

This is my first typeset post!

Easy to Deploy

Deploy Typeset to your favorite PaaS using Typeset Deploy.

Typeset Loves Git

Typeset loves git. Your content should live in a git repository, not in an inaccessible database. Typeset will automatically clone your repository with all your content and serve it. Push changes to your repository? No problem. Typeset will pull in those changes, updating your site. Nothing for you to worry about. This is how blogging should feel.


Learn more about Typeset's features and how to get started over at GitHub.