Finding the Git Commit Id of your continuously deployed Azure Web App

Azure supports continuous deployment of Azure Web Apps from sources like GitHub and BitBucket. Recently, I found the need for the Git commit id of my currently deployed Azure Web Site. I was surprised to find it was not readily available. Here is where you can find it.


After some research, I learned that Azure uses Kudu as the system for Git deployments of Azure Web Apps. I also discovered this issue where another person was looking for their Git commit id as well. Near the end of the conversation, David Ebbo provides us two options where we can find our Git commit id.

  1. In the environment variable SCM_COMMIT_ID during the deployment process
  2. In the file %home%\site\deployments\active after the deployment process

Being a developer, I would rather write code than write deployment scripts. So, I picked option two.


The only text inside the %home%\site\deployments\active file is the Git commit id. So, all we need to do is read the contents of the file.

using System;
using System.IO;

namespace Azure
    public static class Deployment
        private static string _commitId;

        public static string GetGitCommitId()
            if (_commitId != null)
                return _commitId;

            var path = Environment.ExpandEnvironmentVariables(@"%home%\site\deployments\active");

            _commitId = File.Exists(path)
                      ? File.ReadAllText(path)
                      : string.Empty;

            return _commitId;


As David Ebbo points out in his comment, using this file does make some assumptions about the Kudu file structure. So, it may change in the future.